An intimate dinner show with Doug & Ariana. She is a true renaissance woman praised for her sly deliveries & sensual interpretations of the American Songbook as well as her own compositions. Ariana’s style combined with Doug’s lightning fingers and comedic suave personality make the concert grand piano dance and sing here at Vicky’s. Great on their own but WOW together!

$75 includes all Tax/Tip/3-Course Dinner/Show. No Host cocktails 6:30pm. Dinner 7pm. Pre-Paid Reservations Only. Call 760-345-9770

“Ariana’s voice is easy on the ears, with a rapid vibrato that harkens to the days of Bessie Smith & Dinah Washington. Telly Savalas was iconic, and his daughter is too.” –Scott Simmons

“Doug is a gifted musician equally at home performing Chopin or singing show tunes. The wondrous part is that he does both with great style, verve & talent.” –Michael Feinstein